Folklore examples of Absheron peninsula

    Being the main part of Azerbaijan folklore-study Baku-Absheron peninsula folklore examples according to the theme, genre, plot structure, character system, idea and etc. have been drawn into the research work by the scientists-specialists of ANAS. Some part of these folklore examples which had made interest in readers and investigators were published a year ago in the book “ Baku folklore examples -1” .

    The second part of the folklore examples – “ Baku folklore examples” has been published by the publishing house “Elm ve tahsil”. The leader of the project collecting and publishing of folklore examples of Absheron peninsula is the correspondent member of the ANAS, Doctor of Sciences on Philology Mukhtar Kazimoglu, the compilers are Ph.D. Rza Khalilov and Ph.D. Afag Ramazanova. As in the first book the materials collecting from the archives and funds, the old journals and book pages have been systematized in the second book. In order to get such a great work the main part of the Azerbaijan periodical press has been followed, the newspapers and journals of the 19 th century, the popular-scientific publications have been investigated. As it is seen from the materials during the last 150 years the Absheron peninsula was the centre of national economy, especially as a result of the development of the oil-gas industry the centre of different nations, religious and culture. Because of some political, economical and social causes the mass of migrations made to Baku added the extra colors into folklore of the region, the new theme and content enriched it. This process is also continued now.

    In the part of “Notes and explanations” the materials collected by the famous scientist M.Shraliyev and Doctor of Sciences on History Tavakkul Salimov-Shagani have been given. In the part “Bulaglar” many genres of our national folklore such as proverbs, riddles, quatrains and tales are given. Those examples have been collected from Baku-Absheron folklore by A.Tahirov.

    The scientific editor of the book is Doctor of Sciences on History Tavakkul Salimov-Shagani.

Rahman Salmanli , “ Azerbaijan ” newspaper, March 18, 2016

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