Department of Collecting and systematizing of folklore

The department is one of the new scientific-investigational parts realized after some structural changes at the Institute of Folklore in 2011. The main directions of the department are to organize folklore expeditions to different regions, the expert of collected folklore texts, to prepare audio and video materials, to systematize the collected materials according to the genres, to catalogue and to protect, preparation of collections to the publication, noting the folklore materials published in press, to create the folklore fund and the private funds of folklorists.

So the employees are sent on an official journey to different regions of Azerbaijan during a year and on the base of collected folklore examples new collections are prepared. The first steps in the direction of systematizing the folklore examples due to the international principles have been done, the plot catalogue of Azerbaijan tales have been prepared on the base of Aarne-Tompson system which is applied in systematizing of tale materials of different nations. In future to create such systematical catalogue due to the different genres is one of the aims. Many parts of the volumes published on the project “Collection, systematizing and investigation of Garabag folklore” (Garabag: folklore is also a history, in 8 volumes, Baku: Elm ve tehsil, 2012-2014) have been prepared in this department.

The head of the department is doctor of philosophy on philology Ilkin Fariz oglu Rustamzade. He was born on the 11th of July in 1979 in the village Shamsabad in Agdash region. During 1995-2001 years he studied at the faculty Philology at Baku State University. From 1997 he began to work at Scientific- Cultural Centre “Folklore Palace” ANAS as a junior scientific worker. In 2007 he defended the thesis “The plot indications of Azerbaijani tales (the theoretical and practical problems)”. From 2012 he is the head of the department of Collecting and systematizing folklore.

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