Mukhtar Imanov

Academic Mukhtar Kazim oglu Imanov was born on the 28th of May in 1955 in the village Akhura of Sharur region of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In 1977 he graduated from the Philology faculty of Baku State University. In 1980-1983 years he continued his postgraduate study on the branch of “Literature theory” at the Institute of Literature named after Nizami ANAS. In 1984 he defended the candidate thesis “Psychologizm in modern Azerbaijan prose” and in 2007 he defended the thesis of Doctor degree “The genesis and poetics of laugh in Azerbaijan folklore”. In 2009 he became an associate professor and in 2016 a professor. In 2014 he was elected as a corresponding member and in 2017 as an active member of ANAS on the specialty “Literature study”.
Mukhtar Kazim oglu Imanov began his labor activity as a teacher of the Azerbaijani language and literature at eight years school in Hamzali village of Sharur region (1977-1980 years). After his postgraduate study, during 1983-1992 years he worked as a junior scientific worker, a scientific worker and a senior scientific worker in the department of Mythology at the Institute of Literature named after Nizami. Among 1992-2000 years he was the editor-in-chef at the publish house “Yazichi”. He participated in the Municipal Elections in 1999 and was elected a member of the M.A.Rasulzade Municipality of Baku. In 2000-2003 he was the chairman of the permanent commission on social and ecological issues in M.A.Rasulzade Municipality.
During 2001-2003 years he worked as a senior scientific worker at the Scientific Cultural Centre “Folklore Palace”. When the centre became the Institute he worked as a leader scientific worker in the department “Folklore of Turkic nations”. From 2011 he is the director the Institute of Folklore of ANAS.
M.K.Imanov has been the chairman of the Dissertation Council and the Scientific Council of the Folklore Institute since 2011 on the specialty “Folklore”. In 2011-2015 he was the editor-in-chief of the journal “Studies on the Oral Folk Literature of Azerbaijan”, an authoritative scientific collection in the field of folklore in Azerbaijan. He is currently the Deputy Editor of the International Scientific Journal “Turkology” and a member of the editorial board of a number of other scientific journals published in Azerbaijan and Turkey.
In 2011-2019, M.K.Imanov worked at the State Examination Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan (formerly the State Student Admission Commission) as the head of the Scientific-methodical seminar on the subject of literature and the chairman of the Expert Council.
In 2012 he was elected a member of the Broadcasting Council of the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. He has been the chairman of the council since 2017.
M.K. Imanov is the author of numerous valuable works on literary criticism and folklore. His 10 monographs on the definition of the theoretical basis of the problem of psychologism in Azerbaijani prose, the creation of a scientific concept of Azerbaijani folk culture of laughter, as well as a number of topical issues of folklore (Psychologism in modern Azerbaijani prose. Baku, Elm, 1991; Archaic roots of laughter. Baku, Elm, 2005; Poetics of folk laughter. Baku, Elm, 2006; Double image in folklore. Baku, Elm, 2011; Epic. Prose. Problems. Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2011; Portraits. Baku, Nurlan, 2013; Folklore is both past and present. today. Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2014; Art concerns. Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2015; Genesis and poetics of laughter in Azerbaijani folklore. Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2017 (in Russian); Word about word. Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2020), published more than 200 scientific articles, as well as numerous journalistic articles. His scientific concept of the Azerbaijani folk culture of laughter caused a great resonance in our humanitarian and philological science.
The scientist, who is also engaged in the collection, compilation and publication of folklore, has published many books in this field, including “Bu yurd bayquşa qalmaz” (“This country can’t stay to the owl”) (Baku, Yazichi, 1995), “Zangazur folklore” (Anthology of Azerbaijani folklore. Book VII. Baku, Sada, 2005), “Samples of Sharur folklore” (I book, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2016), “Samples of Gadabay folklore” (I book, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2016), 10 volumes Karabakh: folklore is also a history” (Baku, Zardabi LTD, 2012-2017) and one of the project managers and compilers of the 10-volume “South Azerbaijan Folklore” (Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2013-2020) collections.
M.K.Imanov’s many scientific works have been published in foreign countries. He has taken part at numerous international scientific symposiums, conferences and congresses in Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Cyprus and other countries.
M.K.Imanov was one of the winners of the 2nd joint competition of the Science Development Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the National Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan for UNESCO “Shusha Grant” (2013). The project “Genesis of state symbols, etiquette, ceremonies and holidays in the Turkic peoples in terms of folklore” (2015-2016) headed by him was included in the list of research programs by the decision of the Presidium of ANAS dated February 21, 2015, No. 5/3 and successfully executed.
Under the leadership of M.K.Imanov 10 doctors of philosophy and 1 doctor of sciences were trained.
M.K.Imanov is the organizer of many events carried out at ANAS in the field of implementation of decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers and state programs.
M.K.Imanov’s public, scientific and scientific-organizational activity was valued by honorary decrees, diplomas, awards, thanks and certificates of state bodies, as well as scientific and public organizations (including the Presidium of ANAS). M.K.Imanov was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2015) and the Honorary Decree of the Presidium of ANAS (2015) for his services in the development of science. He was also awarded the “Mahmud Kashgari” medal of the International Foundation named after Mahmud Kashgari (2018), the jubilee medal of the National University of Kazakhstan named after Al-Farabi (2018), the jubilee medal of the Republic of Azerbaijan “100th anniversary of Baku State University” (2019).

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