Department of Dede Gorgud

This department was created on the period of celebration the 1300 years jubilee of “KitabiDede Gorgud” monument by the instruction of Common National Leader Heydar Aliyev in case of investigating that a mighty monument. During 20002001 years the department acted as the name “Gorgudshunaslig (Gorgudstudy)” (in the ScientificCultural Centre “Folklore Palace”, then at the Institute of Folklore). From the end of 2011 with the decision of Scientific Council of the Institute it was named as the department “Dede Gorgud”. The main directions of the department are the textological analysis of the text “KitabiDede Gorgud”, the comparative investigation with the ancient
Turkic eposes, investigating the semiotic structure of mythical layers of the epos, to prepare the explanatory dictionary and academic text of “KitabiDede Gorgud”, to prepare the publication of the scientificliterary journal “Dede Gorgud” periodically. Scientists such as doctor of sciences on philology Mammadali Novruzov, doctor of sciences on philology Azizkhan Tanriverdiyev, doctor of philosophy on philology Asif Hajiyev, doctor of philosophy on philology Nail Gurbanov and others work in this department.
The chief of the department is the real member of ANAS, doctor of sciences on philology, professor, Honoured Scientist, famous turkologist Tofig Ismayil oglu Hajiyev.

T.Hajiyev was born on the 1st of May in 1936 in the village of Soltanli in Jabrayil region. In 1958 he graduated from the faculty of philology at Baku State University, in 1962 he defended the candidate thesis on the subject “Jabrail dialect of the Azerbaijani language”, but in 1969 he defended the doctor thesis on the subject “Azerbaijan literary language at the beginning of the 20th century”. He was rewarded many prizes of our republic and foreign countries, in 2009 he was rewarded with an order of “Shohret” (Honour).
Being the author of many monographies, textbooks, volumes, translation books and articles during Soviet Union he was the member of Turkologists’ Committee and Scientificmethodological High Philological Council of USSR Universities. From 1995 T.Hajiyev is the honoured member of Ataturk Language, History and Culture Organization of Turkey. T.Hajiyev having the great services in the scientific dividing of periods of Azerbaijan literary language history, determining the historical formation of the Azerbaijani language styles is considered one of the famous Gorgudstudy scientists in the world.

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