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In order to realize the technical guarantee in the process of collecting and conservation of folklore, to enrich the electron information base, to ensure the preparing the high qualitative audio and video materials the Folklore Studio was formed attached to the Institute of Folklore according to the decision 15/14, October 15, 2014 of the Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. The special place was given to the studio and it was also provided by the modern technical equipments.
In order to create the large notion about the ashug art, especially the epos mastery taking the most important place in Azerbaijan national culture and to deliver this mastery as the matchless art branch to the future generations the Folklore Studio has begun to prepare the musical albums called “Azerbaijan folk eposes”. The eposes such as “Asli-Karam” performed by Ashug Huseyn Sarajli, “Novruz-Gandab” performed by Ashug Akbar, “Gurbani” performed by Ashug Imran Hasanov have taken part in the first album. The information booklet has been added to the album in three foreign languages.
In 2015 the second album-disc called “Azerbaijan folk eposes” was also prepared at the Institute in the branch of propaganda of Azerbaijan musical folklore. In the album-disc there are eposes called “Abbas and Gulgaz”, “Masum and Dilafruz”, “Ashug Ali’s journey to Turkey” with the information booklet in three foreign languages. In 2015 the Folklore Studio of the Institute prepared the documentary film “Guba Jews” about the history, ethnography, folklore and traditions of Jews living in the region of Guba.
In 2016 the Folklore Studio of the Institute prepared two CDs reflecting the repertoire of the folklore ensemble “Irs”. There are folk songs, mughams and tasnifs, composer songs in it. In 2016 the Folklore Studio also prepared CDs reflecting some parts of eposes “Kitabi-Dede Gorgud” and “Koroglu” in the project “Don’t forget our past!”.

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