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With the material and spiritual support of ANAS guidance during 2012-2013 years the project “Collecting, systematizing, archivizing and estimating of folklore examples from Garabag region of Azerbaijan” in the branch of collecting, protecting and introducing material and non-material cultural heritage of Garabag Azerbaijanians was realized as a composition part of execution work of duties in front of scientific and cultural organizations of Azerbaijan state. In the books which have been published still in 9 volumes (Garabag: folklore is also a history. Folklore examples of Garabag, 9 volumes. Volume 1, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2012, 464 pages; Volume 2, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2012, 484 pages; Volume 3, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2012, 468 pages; Volume 4, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2013, 460 pages; Volume 5, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2013, 452 pages; Volume 6, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2013, 466 pages; Volume 7, Baku, Zardabi LTD, 2014, 444 pages ; Volume 8, Baku, Zardabi LTD, 2014, 440 pages ; Volume 9 , Baku, Zardabi LTD, 2014, 402 pages ) involving the folklore examples of Garabag which is the richest folklore sphere of Azerbaijan more than 300 mythological texts, about 1250 legends and rumours, more than 400 tale texts, 500 jokes, more than 700 proverbs and sayings, about 2500 bayati (quat rains), besides these, lullaby, cradle songs, examples about children folklore, the interesting information and facts about the life and history of families living in those areas have been collected in a short time and published. The collection of “Garabag: folklore is also a history” was awarded with the special reward “The best book” of the 3rd International Baku Book Exhibition-Fair dedicated to the 90th jubilee of Common National leader Haydar Aliyev on the 23rd-25th September in 2013 with the organizational activities of AR Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In 2012 in the inside of that project the album-disc “Garabag folklore (folk songs, tasnif (national rhythmical melody) and dances)” (3 discs) consisting of folk songs, tasnifs, folk dances examples which have been forgotton or unacted collected from Garabag region has been prepared and the informational book about Garabag music folklore in Azerbaijani and English has also been added to the disc.

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