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The department acts from 2003. The main scientific direction of the department is to value Azerbaijan folklore in Common Turkic context. The department carries out the investigation of foklore examples of Turkic nations, the comparative analysis of the valuable folklore monuments, definition of archetypes and historical development stages of Common Turkic folklore texts, translation and publication of folklore examples of Turkic nations. During the investigations the common Turkic folklore examples play the role of object and become complete, any folklore event takes its value from the view of Turkic nations folklore. That is why the typological investigations are the main aims in the direction of common Turkic folklore. At the same time the department is busy with the folklore problems of different Turkic nations. The prepared works done at the department of Folklore of Turkic nations have convinced the scientific community to the perspectives of investigating folklore of related nations in compact form, have created the assurance in scientific character of the investigations and have showed the significance ideologically.

The head of the department is doctor of philosophy on philology Afzaladdin Dagbeyi oglu Asgerov. He was born on the 29th August in the village Garabaglar of Sharur region. In 1975 he entered the faculty of History-literature at Nakhchivan State University and in 1979 he graduated from it. From 1979 till 1982 he worked as a teacher of language and literature at school in Garabaglar village. In 1982 he entered the post graduate course at ANAS Institute of Literature named after Nizami and in 1987 he graduated from that course. In 1992 A .D.Asgerov defended the thesis “The hero in Azerbaijan magic tales: character and origin”. He has presented the doctor thesis “Oghuzname activity in common Turkic folklore history”. He is an author of many monographies, translation books and scientific articles, he is also a compiler and designer of some folklore collections.

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