Department of Mythology


The department was created as an independent structure unit of the Institute of Folklore in December, 2003. Creation of mythology department is new according to the organizing of investigating Turkic mythology. With the formation of the department the academic stimulus have been given to the investigations about mythology and the forming of the work has been increased in to the professional level. The department has realized its scientific results with the published monographies and articles by the associates.

The department is busy to carry out the following duties:

To collect Azerbaijan mythological texts, to do their scientific appraisal by experts, to classify, systematize and to definite their historical-cultural kind; to study the diachron structure of the myth and with the investigation of the transformation opportunities of Turkic-Azerbaijan mythological thinking history to follow their cultural-historical development; investigation of myth-folklore problems according to the structure levels, investigation the total Turkic myth in the functionality of Azerbaijan folklore due to the historical-cultural view; to study the morphological structure of myth, legend, tale, epos texts; to reconstruct Oghuz text kinds of Turkic mythology: to definite the myth paradigmas with the structural-semiotic analysis of different text kinds and on the basis of them the restoration of mythological world model; to study the possible historical-cultural structure of syntagmatic and paradigmatic functionality of Turkic myth; to investigate myth-ritual problem on the basis of Turkic national thinking texts; to investigate historical-cultural paradigmas (myth-religion, ritual-religion, myth-philosophy, myth-literature) of Turkic (Azerbaijan) ritual-mythological thinking; to investigate the influence of Turkic mythological thinking style to the formation of modern Azerbaijan national thinking style etc.

The department of Mythology is leaded by doctor of sciences on philology, assistant professor Seyfeddin Gulverdi oglu Rzayev. S.G.Rzayev was born in 1961 in the village Beydili of the Bilesuvar region. In 1986 he graduated from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and began to work as a teacher. In 1996 he defended the thesis “The world model and its mythological formation in the text “Yeddi gozel” (Seven beauties) by Nizami”. At the same year he was accepted as a scientific worker to the ANAS Institute of Literature named after Nizami. From 2003 he is the head of the department Mythology at the Institute of Folklore. In 2012 he defended the doctor thesis “The structure of Oghuz myth”. S.G.Rzasoy is an author of six monographies, many articles about the investigation of Turkic epos, ritual and mythology. The object of his investigations forms all poetical thinking system from myth and epic texts to the modern artistic texts.

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