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The department was created in 2011. The main investigational directions of the department are to note Azerbaijan folk ceremonies, plays and performances, to reconstruct the archaic rituals, to investigate the genesis, structure and typology of the ceremonies; to investigate the folklore aspects such as spiritual institutes and values, folk information, believes, archaic ritual elements in folklore, traditional holidays, traditions, behaviour, ethics and other ethnic-national characters in folklore, problems of family and statehood, national garments, clothes, food culture etc; reconstruction of expression code (description language and its functionalizing semiothic units) of Azerbaijan-Turkic ceremony thinking system: realizing the cosmogonic information which forms the subject of the ceremony, to definite the “alphabet” which is formed from the word and movement units etc.

The head of the department doctor of philosophy on philology, assistant professor Agaverdi Sarkhan oglu Khalilov was born on the 30th August in 1962 in the village Hamzali of Kurdamir region. He graduated from the faculty of philology at Azerbaijan State University. In 2003 he defended the thesis “The structural-semantic analysis of paremiological units in “The book of Turkic language divan (selected poems of a poet) by Mahmud Kashgarli”. During 2001-2002 years he was the head of the Intellectual theoretical-experimental laboratory at the ANAS Institute of Literature named after Nizami, during 2003-2006 years he was the head of Folklore laboratory at the ANAS Institute of Folklore, during 2007-2011 years he was the head of the department Folklore theory.

From 2012 he has been leading the department of Ceremony folklore. He is an author of some books, such as “The literary texts in “The book of Turkic language divan (selected poems of a poet) by Mahmud Kashgarli” (2001), “The semiotics of the ancient Turkic savs” (2006), “Folklore terms” (2010), “The spring holidays of Turkic nations and Novruz” (2012), some translations, collecting and compiling works, educational programmes, more than hundred scientific articles. He has prepared the collection “Internet-Intellect” (2001) and the journal “Structure-semiotic investigations” (2002) to the publication. He is also a representator for Azerbaijan of the folklore journal “Motif Akademi”. He was also rewarded by Honorary Orders of Kazan State University (in 1986) and Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (2012).

The main subject of A.S.Khalilov's investigations is the investigation of Azerbaijan culture, language, folklore, literature and traditional folk arts with the connection in Common Turkic aspects and world cultures; the investigation of transformative opportunites of the initial cultural structures, rituals, plays, dances, music and word coming from the primitive culture, analysis of the genetic, typological and artistic-poetic charcters which synthesizing elements in folk arts.

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