The seminar on the theme “Methodology for creating phase portraits of historical figures on the example of a portrait of Dede Gorgud” was held at the Institute of Folklore

Opening the event General Director of the Institute of Folklore academician Mukhtar Imanov said that professor Y.Ibadov was the author of alternative psychology science. In modern times the branches of science in the multidisciplinary direction are very developed and great discoveries become possible in the crossing – crossing of various sciences. Today the activities of scientists working in various fields of the world attract more attention in the multidisciplinary direction. In this sense the science of alternative psychology, along with culture, ethnography, psychology, has a direct connection with our field – folklore. Then Professor Y.Ibadov made his report. He started his performance accompanied by a video slide he demonstrated. He said that in 1999 he published his first scientific monograph – “Medical-pedagogical-psychological tests in the form of abstract compositions”, in which his paintings in a new genre in the history of painting were used. These images consist of graphic drawings and compositions drawn without separating the pencil from the paper. The speaker then brought to the attention that on March 3, 2003 he received the author’s certificate of the newly created Alternative psychology science in Moscow.

The presentation of this science was met with interest by the scientific community in Azerbaijan. This science, formed as a product of consciousness, gives a person the basis for the most conscious choice in the vision from the alternative prism of modern sciences, helps him to take a worthy place in society and solve the problems that have arisen. According to the scientist, alternative psychology has found its application in scientific health, general psychology, philosophy, pedagogy, art, linguistics, ethnography, as well as in folklore and the study of our cultural history. Alternative psychology, studying the products of the creative energy carried by each nation, creates the conditions for conducting new research in the framework of modern sciences on the line of integration corresponding to the specifics of its own alternative approach.
At the end of the seminar the guest was presented with a number of publications and discs of the Institute of Folklore, photos were taken.
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