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Ashug Jalil's 150th anniversary was celebrated at ANAS

The outstanding scientist Amin Abid's 120th anniversary was held at ANAS

The meeting on the theme “Current status and future prospects of ashug art”

Bibliography “Kamran Aliyev – 65” has been published

The book “Ashug Jalil's Art Way” has been published

Azerbaijan-Turkey Language and Cultural Relations”

Academician Mukhtar Imanov had a master class at Baku Engineering University

International scientific conference on the theme “Multidisciplinary function of Azerbaijan pomegranate” was held

“Traditionally speaking art (based on Shirvan folklore environment)" book was published

The next meeting of the Women's Council was held

The 3rd Republic Scientific Conference “Folklore and statehood” was held at ANAS

Scientific seminar on the theme “The culture of Azerbaijan in the second half of the twentieth century: the accultural situation and the integrative
functioning of folklore”

A meeting with the Chairman of Public Broadcasting Council was held

Next epos was presented

Academician Mukhtar Imanov had master class in the faculty of Philology at the BSU

The next scientific council was held at the Institute of Folklore

The seminar on the theme “Internet Folklore: Folkloric Dynamics in the Context of Virtual Socio-Cultural Conditions”

The 2nd and 3rd volumes of the 10 volumes books by folklorist have been published

Collaborators of our Institute had taken part in the International Conference

Collaborators of our Institute had taken part in the Conference “First International Develi-Ashug Seyrani and Turkic Culture”

Meeting at the Institute of Folklore


The epos “Aslan shah and Ibrahim” was presented in the project “Epos nights”

The 6th Congress of the Azerbaijan Union of Ashugs was held

The scientific seminar “Lahij is the real center of folklore” was held

The 1st volume of the 10 volumes books by folklorist has been published

A scientific seminar on the theme “Searching for meaning in folklore: methodological approaches, ideological view and socio-cultural stereotypes” was held

The international conference “Let live the forgotten words: “Divani Lugat-it Turk” was held

ANAS Institute of Folklore will organize the international meeting

Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov was elected as the member to the academy “Word”

The presentation of the book “Mullah Nasreddin's jokes” and portal was held at ANAS

“Mukhtar Kazim oglu Imanov. Bibliographic Indicator” has been published

The international conference on the theme “Folklore in the context of national identity” in Lahij

Tahir Orujov, the chairman of the Trade Union Organization of the Folklore Institute, was awarded with the jubilee diploma of the Commonwealth of Independent States Confederation

A meeting with the Director of the Center for Culture and Education of the Egyptian Embassy in Azerbaijan was held at the Institute of Folklore

The event of the project “Epos Evenings” was devoted to the epos “Kuche Rza”

The seminar “Discussions on activities of folklore groups” was held

The next Scientific Council was held

Public Council for Public Television and Radio Broadcasting held a meeting under the chairmanship of academician Mukhtar Imanov

The event of the project “Epos Evenings” was devoted to the epos “Leyli and Majnun”

Correspondent member of ANAS Kamran Aliyev had a speech at the event in Almaty

Academician Mukhtar Imanov was honored with the award “Mahmud Kashgari”

Academician Mukhtar Imanov has been elected the Honored Member of Baku International Multiculturalism Centre

The event “Nizamiyya madrasa and its Azerbaijani representatives” was held

Kazakh eposes

Our collaborator was awarded the 3rd place in the international competition

The scientific conference on the theme “Heydar Aliyev and folklore” was held

ANAS Central Scientific Library and Institute of Folklore celebrated Professor Mirali Seyidov's 100th anniversary

The first event of the project “Epos Evenings” was held

Academician Mukhtar Imanov has taken part at an international conference dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the great leader Heydar Aliyev

The project “Epos Evenings” dedicated to Ashug creativity will be organized

The book named “The famous Azerbaijan folklorist Mammadhuseyn Tahmasib” has been published

The next Scientific Council was held

The play “Light in the dark” by Nizami Muradoglu was performed

Corresponding member of ANAS Kamran Aliyev is 65

The book “The mythological structure of Gazan khan character in Oghuz epic tradition” has been published

The event dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the Khojaly genocide was held at the Institute of Folklore ANAS

Academician Teymur Bunyadov's 90 jubilees was celebrated

The meeting of the Scientific Council was held

The book “The Intervention of Myth in History: the 21st of December 2012” has been published

The collaborators of the Institute of Folklore took part at the international conference in the city Ohrid of the Macedonia
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