The conference on the theme “The social aspects of folklore: communication and virtual tradition”

On the 28th of December the conference on the theme “The social aspects of folklore: communication and virtual tradition” was held at the Institute of Folklore ANAS.
Opening the conference with the speech the academician Teymur Karimli, academician-secretary of the Division of Humanitarian Sciences of ANAS, noted that Azerbaijani folklore was one of the most intensive developmental areas in the field of theoretical-methodological research.

Academician Teymur Karimli, characterizing Folklore as a rich cultural treasure, spoke about the importance of investigating multidisciplinary and sociological aspect to reveal its essence. Academician Teymur Karimli emphasized that in the context of modern globalization, especially in the transition to the information society, the study of social aspects of folklore in terms of communicative and virtuosity was of particular scientific relevance.

The director of the Folklore Institute, the academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu Imanov said that in recent years one of the important scientific directions of the institute was the study of theoretical and methodological problems of folklore studies in the form of new scientific paradigms. The speaker said that folklore should be investigated on the basis of the people and the social environment that created it, stressing that social and cultural processes were interconnected there.

Dean of Philology Faculty of Baku State University, Ph.D. Elchin Mammadov spoke at the event. He said that the Academy’s recent activities in the field of social-humanitarian sciences, especially in the context of global challenges, had a positive impact on the educational process.

At the conference Ph.D. Sarkhan Khaveri delivered a report entitled “Communication as a social condition of the functional structure of folklore”.
Ph.D. Hikmat Guliyev reported the article on the theme “Folklore in the techno-culturological sphere: the virtual tradition and communication”.
Ph.D. Safa Garayev made a report on the theme “The meaning creating power of the complex Oedipus: from the psychological-conflict to the social-cultural norms”.
At the end Ph.D. Shakir Albaliyev reposted on the theme “The folklore semantics in the oral communication process”.

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