The seminar on the theme “One World, Thousands of Nations” was held

On the 2nd of November with the organization of the Institute of Folklore ANAS and Goychay Executive Power was held the scientific seminar on the theme “One World, Thousands of Nations”. The purpose of the seminar held in the region Goychay was to introduce the Azerbaijan pomegranate, to study the mythological semantics of the pomegranate in Azerbaijani folklore and discuss its place in our ethnography.

The seminar was opened by the deputy of the Goychay Executive Power Ziver Zeynalova. She told about the importance of the scientific seminar held during the Pomegranate festival. Then the documentary film “Pomegranate – is a world” prepared by Social Television was demonstrated.

The director of the Institute of Folklore, Academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu- Imanov reported the article “Mythological semantics of pomegranate in Azerbaijani folklore”. In the report it is noted that in various genres of Azerbaijani folklore - fairy tales, eposes, bayati, ashug art and folk songs the description of the pomegranate takes the important part. There are different plots, motifs, characters in folk literature. Some fruits, including the pomegranate are mentioned in Quran, The pomegranate expresses love, strength and fertility as the mythological symbol.

During the seminar the reports were listened at such as Methodist of the Goychay District Education Department Akbar Aliyev “Appeal to a Pomegranate in the classical poetry”, the scientific secretary of the Institute of Folklore, Ph.D. Elchin Abbasov “The Symbolism of a Pomegranate in Azerbaijani Tales”, Ph.D. Atesh Ahmedli “Pomegranate and its semantic shades in bayati”, deputy chief at the Goychay Central Hospital Laman Hajiyeva “Pomegranate in Medicine”, the chairman of the religious community of Goychay central mosque Musfig Askerov “Pomegranate in the Quran”, the general consultant of the Goychay District Sector on plant growing Famil Nabiyev “Economic importance of grenade production”.

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