The second volume of the book “Folklore and statehood thought” has been published

The second volume of the book “Folklore and statehood thought” has been published by the Institute of Folklore ANAS with the scientific investigation program (The genesis of the state, symbol, etiquette, ceremony and holidays according to the folklore in Turkic nations) recommended with the order of the Presidium of ANAS. The leader of the project is the director of the Institute o f Folklore, academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov.
In the book the articles such as “Haydar Aliyev’s role in propaganda and investigation of the ancient Turkic mythological-folklore heritage” by professor Ramazan Gafarli, “Haydar Aliyev’s political course and our values living in folklore” by Ph.D. Agaverdi Khalilov, “Azerbaijan folklore-study during independence period: the theoretical-methodological resources and the investigation directions” by the professor Seyfaddin Rzasoy, “Azerbaijan migration folklore-study in the modern scientifically-theoretical thought context” by the doctor of sciences Almaz Hasangizi, “Southern Azerbaijan folklore problems in Azerbaijan folklore-study during the independence period” by Ph.D.Matanat Abbasova, “The thought of independence in our modern poem and its folklore sources” by Ph.D. Nimai Muradoglu, “Legislation about the folklore” by Sevda Karimova, “Uchokh” in Oghuzname and its archaic semantics” by the doctor of sciences Afzaladdin Asgar, “Dragon and lion symbols in the Turkic statehood tradition and their religious-mythological roots” by Ph.D. Elchin Abbasov, “The game “King” in folklore and its archaic roots” by Ph.D. Ilkin Rustamzade, “Palace bakers and the game of baker” by Ph.D. Bilal Alarli-Huseynov, “Folk games, square performances about the nature of Turks from Azerbaijan, Iraq and Iran” by Ph.D. Aynur Jalilova have been published.
As it is known the statehood is the highest level of the historical-social culture. The nations not having that culture couldn’t protect their national values. The unchangeable function of folklore is just to carry out the national thinking system and national behavior formulas. But it means to investigate the actual symbols and formulas of Azerbaijan and common Turkic folklore thought.

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