The book “The functional structure of folklore: multidisciplinary context” by Sarkhan Khavari, Hikmat Guliyev, Safa Garayev has been published.
In the first part of the book named “The multidisciplinary analysis of the functional structure of folklore” written by Sarkhan Khavari the inner functional structure has been drawn into the investigation object in the context of social-cultural system integrity of folklore. In the investigation the investigational practice of the functional structure of folklore in the international and national folklore-study has been looked through, generalizing the thoughts and opinions given in this direction either in the national or in the international level have been used in the methodological innovation status. In the investigation as the folklore has been adjusted as a cultural system the cultural concreteness of this cultural system, the cultural functionality qualities, the development from the mono-culture in the diachronic development process till the urbanization period, etc. are also drawn into the research. It has been come to a conclusion that getting its structure functionality from the social communication completely according to the creative subject the collective anthropological-emotional interests realized in folk culture as the semantically or formal level structure are settled with this functionality. That is why this aspect being as a more social tendency science branch in folklore-study must be paid attention seriously.
In the second part of the book named “Folklore and Internet: the transition problems of social-cultural processes to the virtual space” written by Hikmat Guliyev the different aspects of transition from the performance model “face to face” of folklore to the virtual communication model in the fast development situation of the information-communication technologies are investigated.
In the investigation first of all the theoretical-methodological aspects of the problem have been determined, the position, meaning and function in the society on the base of the social-economical prosperity of folklore being closed with the possibilities of the communication, including the industrialization, the urbanization and at last the virtualized processes have been analyzed. The problem of “The folklore processes of the modern period: “the movement” from the village to the city, from the city to the virtual world” has been investigated on the base of the systematic follow of the mentioned problems. The investigation of the folklore and Internet relations on the base of the problems of transition from the oral cultural sphere to the electronic cultural sphere has been studied due to the transition levels of folklore to the writing code – “the oral word’s becoming technology”.
In the modern period being parallel to the physical world (even alternative) the fast formation of the virtual world has necessitated the formation of the folklore which is the appearance of the human reality and understanding according to the digital level. The sphere with the technological base has already become the most active branch of the folklore processes. But it has secured the formation of the digital symbolizing forms – the new appearance models of the traditional folklore.
In the third part of the book named “In the epos “Koroglu” the psychoanalytic semantics of the conflict father-son (in the context of Oedipus complex) written by Safa Garayev has been dedicated to the application of folklore materials of the psychoanalysis of the theoretical theses to the folklore materials. It is known that the psychoanalytic method investigating the cultural reality in the relation context of “cause and effect” keeps in the centre of the attention and it gives opportunity to investigate the semantically essence of the facts (the cultural appearances). In the investigation the theoretical theses being “modification” for the folklore investigations of psychoanalysis have been dedicated to the most spread example of Turkic epos culture the epos “Koroglu”.

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